Project openings

ACT4D project openings (as of Jun 2012)

Research assistants and project scientists

We have a number of openings for research associates and project scientists.


1. Internet measurements: We are doing a large scale collection of Internet measurement data from rural areas, urban broadband networks, and 2G/3G cellular data services. Research activities will involve the development of bandwidth probing tools on different types of networks, deployment strategies to set up measurement points, data collection and analysis to discover network design issues and transport protocol modifications that can improve performance. Candidates should have a talent to write robust code, enjoy quick scripting to analyze traces, and have a very good understanding of network protocols and their implementation.

2. Media for low-income communities: While the developed world has access to Facebook and Youtube, rural and low-income poorly literate populations do not have avenues to voice their opinions, demands, and connect to government agencies. What kind of technologies can be used by such populations? We have worked with voice-based IVR tools, community radio, mobile video sharing, etc, to enable such linkages. Research activities involve the development and evaluation of different kinds of user interfaces that can make participation easier, extension of these ideas to smartphones and low-cost tablets, etc. Candidates should be creative to design good interfaces, enjoy travel and interaction with rural communities, have a good knowledge of statistics, be very good at writing robust code, and have an extensive general knowledge of government schemes and the social development sector.

3. Online news and social media analysis: We are interested in a number of things related to news and social media. Can we mine news articles to discover "suspicious" networks between politicians, industry, media, etc? Which news sources or blogs provide access to diverse viewpoints on controversial topics, and how does this compare with social media such as Twitter? Can we write applications to understand news consumption behavior of people -- do they like diverse news, do they get complete information from the sources they normally access, how many articles do they read per day, how much effect does sensational news have on the news reading habits, etc? Candidates should be quick at writing applications, be comfortable with handling large databases, enjoy keeping track of the latest technological trends and research, and have experience with data mining and machine learning.

Please write to Aaditeshwar Seth if you are interested. Following are the kind of skills we are looking for:

  • Computer science or electronics BTech/MTech having done courses and projects in computer networks, operating systems, and design patterns
  • Expertise in Java, Perl, Python, and shell scripting
  • Very comfortable on Linux
  • Familiarity with Asterisk, GStreamer, 802.11, and network administration is a plus
  • Ability to quickly master unfamiliar tools and technologies
  • Good English writing skills
  • Eager to read and write research papers
  • Feels excited about traveling to remote rural locations and interacting with the people.

All projects will require reading a lot of background material, thinking, and implementation. So make sure you like all these things when you apply!